A Cut Above

Here, discerning shoppers have a choice of some of the finest quality meat and our skilled artisanal block men are only too happy to cut steak, and chops and legs of lamb to your order. You won't find polystyrene or plastic packaging and lonely unloved meat sighing forlornly from behind nondescript chillers, but dry aged and well hung beef and lamb which has built the reputation of The Butcher Shop & Grill.

Consider speaking to the staff at the butchery when next you're planning to entertain at home - compare our prices which are guaranteed to bring you back for more, particularly when you see the impact they have on that stretched budget. Call us ahead of time and we'll arrange and pack your order.

One of the best kept secrets that most regulars to The Butcher Shop & Grill would prefer to be kept a secret is the butchery.


Here's something you probably didn't know. Fish sales at The Butcher Shop & Grill rival that of most specialist
fish restaurants.

The reason is simple. Because The Butcher Shop & Grill has a reputation amongst most suppliers that only
the best is good enough for our customers, and that our turnover is so that our rotation ensures freshness.
Fish and poultry like our meat are available for purchase and preparation at home.

You won't be disappointed by our price or quality and freshness.

If you're looking for prawns, langoustines, giant crayfish , oysters or fresh Scottish salmon, call us to order.