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The Butcher Shop & Grill serves only the best mature aged meat, including superb local beef and lamb, Argentinian ribeye, Kobe-style wagyu and Dutch veal.

 Our meat hangs in carcass for three days. Then our rump, sirloin, fillet, ribeye, T-bone and prime rib are aged for 21-40 days, at which point we invite you to take a walk, stand at the counter and make your choice of a specific cut – or a larger cut…


Beyond the custom cuts and sizes, there’s the procedure: Look at the meat. See what appeals to your eye (stomach). Get it on or off the bone; grass or grain-fed.


What to Expect

Please be aware that because SA beef is leaner in natural fat (11%) than beef from the USA (33%) and Europe (23%), meat cooked past ‘medium’ can dry out quickly.

Take a look at our Meat Indicator Board to select rare, medium rare, medium, etc. Due to the size and nature of our extraordinary steaks, expect up to 40 minutes of grilling time. (We cannot accept responsibility for steaks cooked past medium.)


Our Wine Cellars

We have two wine cellars on-site: the Pick’s Pick cellar offering outstanding yet affordable wines (endorsed with our exclusive Pick’s Pick label) and the investment cellar for exclusive vintages. Our sommelier is glad to guide you through either one.

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 Due to enormous public demand for an upmarket family restaurant, we welcome our young patrons. High chairs are available should you need one.



All of our menu items have been carefully considered and created for your eating pleasure, so please don’t request substitutions.

·       There is a basic minimum charge of R200 per head (adults only).



One bill per table, please.

All major credit cards are welcome. No cheques are accepted.

Deposits are required to secure pre-booked tables for 10+ patrons.



It is a privilege to have you choose us for your meal. Kindly dress accordingly.

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